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What’s the best way to create a hole or opening in a wall in Revit?

There are multiple approaches.

  • Approach # 1 – Use the “Wall Opening” tool.
  • Approach # 2 – Edit the wall profile.
  • Approach # 3 – Create a custom door or window family (myBIMTeam favorite).

Approach #1

Revit provides two tools to create opening in walls.  They are the “by face” and “wall” opening tools.  The advantage of this tool is its quick to create the opening object is easy to adjust the height with the “Top” and “Base” offset parameters.   However, there is no parameter for the width so controlling the width of the object requires you align it to other objects or reference planes.  You also can not schedule this object so for these reasons this approach is our least favorite.

From an elevation or 3D view, choose ‘Wall’ under Openings.  Select the wall and click diagonally opposite corners of a rectangle to place the opening.

Approach #2

Edit the wall profile.

This is best done in elevation or section looking at the wall. Simply select the wall and choose edit profile. Add lines as needed for an opening.   It’s a little easier to control the overall dimensions plus you can create non-rectangular shapes and you don’t have to worry about the opening being modified unintentionally.  This can not be scheduled either.

Approach #3


Create a custom door or window family to indicate the opening needed.

We have provided a free download for each a window and a door here:

Download Revit Families, a variety for purchase or FREE!

  • Window (_WN-Opening.rfa)
  • Door openings (_DR-Opening.rfa)

The benefits of using these families are the following;

  • Quick changes and tracking.
  • Scheduling if needed.
  • Casing/Frame can show if needed.
  • You can create irregular shapes if desired with this approach.

Download PDF – KB-210120-Wall Opening