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Can I have a family appear in a Reflected Ceiling plan in Revit if the family is below the RCP cut plane?

Yes, you can!  Often it is necessary to show an element in an RCP that is displayed on the floor plan.  For example, you may want to show furniture in a ceiling plan so you can coordinate the location of light fixtures. There are 3 options to achieve this result.

Option 1 – Underlay

  • From the RCP view choose the Underlay -> Range: Base Level and set it to the same level as the RCP you are viewing
  • Items below the RCP cut plan will show as defined by Revit’s “halftone” settings.


  • This idea also works in the reverse. You can “underlay” ceiling plan into a floor plan view. In this case, you’ll also need to adjust the “Underlay Orientation” to “Look Up”.

Option 2 –Change the View Range

Each view has a “view range”.  Objects outside the view range will not display.  We can extend the view range by lowering the cut plane for the ceiling to a point where the floor plan items are within the ceiling plan view range.  The default cut plane in a ceiling plan view is 7’-6”.   Try changing the “cut plane” to 2’-0”.

Option 3– Update family to always display in both plan and RCP

This option works by “extending” the object, so it crosses into the other view range.

  • Edit the family to add an invisible line that would extend up through the cut plane.
    • Add a reference plane and dimension at a height that would display in RCP.
    • Add an invisible model line from base to the reference plane for top height.
      • Turn the dimension into a parameter so in can be adjusted in the project environment.

Download PDF – KB-210111-Show plan objects in RCP