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How do I create a 3D view in Revit to show only the objects I am interested in?

It’s easy!  First, select the objects you would like to look at from any Revit view (plan, section, elevation, 3d).  Next start the “selection box” tool.  Either type in the keyboard shortcut “BX” or you can find it on the Modify tab of the ribbon.

This command will switch you to a default 3D view and apply a “section box” surrounding the object(s) you pre-selected. If you start the command while in a plan, elevation, or section view, it will switch you to a 3D view.  Note that the command is only active and available when objects are preselected.

Once the 3D view is open, you can modify the section box by pushing/pulling the dashed blue extent lines.

To further refine what is visible in the view, you can control the visibility of Revit elements using the “visibility / graphics overrides” command or temporary view overrides.

Download PDF – KB-210112-Quick 3D for Selected Elements