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How do I get the text to rotate in a Column Grid Head / Bubble? I want an oval grid head, but the text wont rotate.

Unfortunately, in Revit 2020 and earlier, there are no options to control the rotation of text in a column grid head \ bubble. The linework will rotate, and the text maintain the same “horizontal” original orientation. See image. The black text (X1, Y0) shows the behavior in Revit 2021

In Revit 2021 a new option was introduced for annotation tag families called “Rotate text with component”.

This gives us additional control of the text orientation. To achieve the results use the following procedure.

1) Open the Grid Head family and save a copy with a different name.

2) Adjust the “rotate text with component” setting.

3) Save the family and load into your project.

4) Make a duplicate type within the column grid family.

5) Adjust the type to use the new family.

You can now easily switch between text orientations as desired. Here is a link to download the column grid head family shown above.

Here’s a link to Autodesk site with additional information about the new rotate text with component feature.

Click here to be taken to the Autodesk article