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How do I create a slanted or tilted wall in Revit?

Revit 2021 introduces a new slanted wall feature. Prior to Revit 2021 the only way to achieve this was by using an in-place wall family.

Here’s the process in Revit 2021.

  • Select the wall and go to its properties.
  • Change the “Cross-Section” parameter to “Slanted”
  • Adjust the Angle from Vertical as desired.

Doors and windows have a new “orientation” parameter which allows you to select “Vertical” or “Slanted”. (Although I’m sure slanting a door would NOT work very well. )

Connected walls at corners or intersections seem to clean up great. You can even slant curved walls! If you add a horizontal wall sweeps have new “orientation” parameter which allows you to select “Parallel to Ground” or “Perpendicular to Face”

Here’s a link on Autodesk’s web-site with some additional notes. 

Download PDF – KB-210123-Slanted Walls