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How do I modify the colors and line weights of lines of an imported or linked CAD file?

You may want to override layers of a CAD file within your Revit model either turning on/off layers or change the way a line looks.

If you want to change the CAD file for a single view (or view template).

For each view you can turn on/off individual layers from a CAD file as well as override the line color, thickness and line type. This can be found in the Visibility/Graphic settings under Imported Categories for that view.

  • Uncheck the checkbox to the left of the layer name to turn the layer off.
  • Click the cell in the “lines” column to override the line color, type or thickness for that layer.

If you want to change the CAD file for every view

If the CAD file is visible in more than one view you can update the default appearance in the “Object Styles” settings.  This can be found under Manage > Object Styles > Imported Objects.

Download PDF – KB-201228-Visibility and color of CAD files Revit