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How do I prevent moving Revit elements unintentionally?

Moving objects unintentionally is often caused when the “Drag elements on selection” option is enabled (formerly known as press and drag). This allows you to quickly move objects by clicking and dragging in a single motion.  We recommend disabling this option.

The option can be found in 2 locations.  Under the modify tool, click Select to expand the drop-down menu and at the bottom right-hand corner of your Revit screen.

There are also options in Revit to “protect” elements by disabling the ability to select them.  You can prevent the selection of the following items.

  • links
  • underlay elements
  • pinned elements

These options are found in the same location as the previous setting.  Uncheck /disable each of the options.  (For those of you coming from AutoCAD think of this as locking a layer.)

Download PDF – KB-210108-Drag Elements Disable