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How do I display annotation and notes in a view in a linked Revit file?

If you would like to display a view from a linked Revit file exactly as it appears in that file, you can adjust the visibility settings of the link to the “by linked view” option.

A Linked Revit File must already be linked into the file to which you want to ‘link by view’


  • Open the view where you want to show the link with its annotation.
  • Open the visibility/graphics of that view in the properties or type VV or VG.
  • Choose the tab Revit Links
  • Choose the ‘Display Settings’ of the Revit Link.
    • Change ‘By Host View’ to ‘By Linked View’
    • Choose the view from the linked file you’d like to display.


  • If the Revit Linked Model is unloaded this view specific change will not change. If the Revit Linked Model is ever removed, this view specific change will default back to ‘By Host View”. If the view that is used as the by linked view is renamed the view where it is linked will not change. If the view is deleted the by linked view will default to ‘By Host View.’

Download PDF – KB-201216-Display Linked View Annotation