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Can you control the visibility of Wall Sweeps separately from the rest of the wall in Revit?

The answer is Yes and No.

There are 2 approaches to Wall Sweeps.  One we call “integrated” where sweeps are built into each wall type, and the other we called “applied” where sweeps are added after wall placement using the “wall sweep” command.

You can not control the visibility or graphics for an “integrated” wall sweep separately from the rest of the wall.  Control of the visibility of wall sweeps is only possible with “Applied” wall sweeps created with the “Wall Sweep” tool.   See below for details.

“Integrated” wall sweeps

To integrate a wall sweep into the wall type.

  • Edit the wall type
  • Edit the wall structure
  • Turn on the preview and change the preview to section
  • Click on the Sweeps button which is now available and add the wall sweep.

Unfortunately, with integrated wall sweeps we DO NOT have independent control of the visibility or graphics of wall sweeps separate from the rest of the wall. Revit treats these sweeps as if they are part of the main wall.   The line weight is controlled by the wall category Projection/Surface line settings.

“APPLIED” Wall Sweeps

With applied Wall Sweeps we can choose a wall sub-category for the wall sweep.  With this method you can control the visibility settings of the sweep independently from the rest of the wall by adjusting the sub-category.


  • We can create our own wall sub-category for applied sweeps.
  • With applied sweeps, the sweep can be off in one view while visible in another. With integrated sweeps the visibility and graphics follow the wall.

Download a PDF of this article here. KB-220104-Wall Sweep Visibility