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How can I create my own Revit keyboard shortcuts?

For those of you using Revit every day, one of the easiest things you can do to speed things up is to use Keyboard shortcuts. Many of Revit’s commands have 2 letter combinations you can use to launch the command. This saves you the time from moving your mouse away from the main screen to search the ribbon menus for the command, only to return to the screen again to continue working. Simply type in your keyboard shortcut and the command launches.

For example, let’s say you want to display all your open windows at the same time, simply type in the keyboard shortcut WT (for Window Tile). Next, let’s say you want to zoom to see the extents of each view in all your windows, type in ZA (Zoom All). And a tip for those AutoCAD users…the enter key is NOT required. In fact, you want to avoid it because hitting the enter key will repeat the last command and negate your shortcut.

It’s super easy to create your own shortcuts. The keyboard shortcut for creating keyboard shortcuts is KS. Here you can see all the shortcuts that already exist, and modify or create new ones. Let’s say you use links in your Revit model regularly you could create the shortcut ML – for manage links.

Or let’s say you load families frequently…you could create a shortcut FA….or maybe you are working with rooms and need to draw room separation lines…how about the shortcut RS…


You can also export your shortcuts and then import them on a different computer. So that’s it….set up your keyboard shortcuts so you can be more productive with Revit.

If you’d like a PDF listing all the Revit Architecture shortcuts, just email, and we’ll send it out to you.