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How do I control the position of room tags in Revit when using the tool to Tag All rooms?

When you use the “Tag All” command to place Room Tags, the tags are placed at the room origin mark.  The origin mark, which is not visible by default, is at the intersection of the rooms reference lines.  To view and adjust the room origin points use the following procedure.

Step  1 – Turn on The Interior Fill and Reference For Rooms

  • Within your view, Edit the visibility/graphics overrides within the view properties (or type VG or VV)
  • Open the tree for Rooms and ensure each of the elements are checked ON.

Step 2 – Locate the X  & Adjust Location as desired

  • The intersection of the reference lines indicates the origin of the room, and where the tags will be placed.
  • Click on the room reference lines and adjust the position as desired.

Step 3 – Tag All Rooms

  • Use Tag All command to place room tags in all rooms.


  • A Room Tag can always be moved after placed.

Download PDF – KB-201218-Room Tag Placement