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How do I copy / transfer a 2D detail from one Revit project to another?

Drafting views in Revit can be copied from one project to another using the “Insert Views from File” tool.


  • Open the project you want to copy the detail into.
  • From the Insert Tab choose “Insert From File > Insert Views From File.” (see screen cap)
  • Navigate to the file that contains the view (or views) you want to copy.
  • Select the view (or views) you want transferred and click OK.
  • The drafting view will now appear on your list of drafting views in your project.


  • You can transfer full sheets of drafting views as well as schedules.
  • This process does NOT work with MODEL based details. Model based details do not display on the views that can be transferred. Only “drafting views”
  • If the project you are transferring from is an older version of Revit it will be temporarily upgraded to enable the transfer. The upgrade will not be saved.
  • Custom line styles, line patterns, fill patterns etc. will be copied into your project.

Download PDF – KB-201203-Copy 2D detail