Reality Capture

Need Accurate Plans of your Building?

Forget measuring tapes, clipboards, and returning to the site when you realize you missed a measurement. Laser Scanning is the best way to measure buildings.

myBIMteam’s Laser Scanning is…


We can scan a room in as little as 15 seconds using LiDAR scanners that capture millions of measurements per second.


Millimeter accuracy plus great for hard-to-measure angles, curves, and overhead items. Far more accurate than the measuring tape you are using.


Scanning captures “EVERYTHING” it sees, including measurements you don’t think you need.


Laser scanning costs less than you think, and less than if you do it yourself.

We offer 2 types of Scanning.

Our wearable Mobile Mapping Scanner captures measurements and 360 Panorama images as we walk through your space. It’s the quickest and most cost-effective way to measure space. When you need maximum precision, our tripod scanner offers the highest level of detail that can be achieved. We can use either or both scanners on your project, giving you the best of both worlds; All the detail you need, reduced time on-site, quick turnaround, and the best price.

Virtual Tours & Measurements

It’s like Google Earth for your building, but better. With these super powers you can:


  • Teleport to any location in your building and get 360° views and dimensions.
  • X-Ray Vision – with 3D model overlays you can see what’s behind walls, above ceilings, and below floors.
  • Time Travel – view captures of spaces from different dates. The easiest to use as-builts you’ll ever have.

Current Information

With laser scanning and virtual tours, critical information is at the fingertips of everyone on the team, resulting in increased proficiency, efficiency, and decreased project costs.

Laser scanning benefits everyone

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Estimators
  • Sub-contractors • Building Owners
  • Facility Managers • Developers

And more

Our process ensures the lowest cost, quickest turnaround, along with all the details you need!

How it works

Project Planning

Discuss what to scan. What not to scan. What to model. What not to model. How much detail.

On-site Scanning

Flexible scheduling - days, evenings, or weekends.


We’ll return to our office and put together point clouds and virtual tours.

Model Planning Kickoff

We build models the way you want, using your templates, families and standards.

Model Review Approval

Our process ensures that the model you get looks great, contains EXACTLY what you need, and is USABLE by your team!

What You Get


Extra Time

We’ll measure and start your project while you work on other things.



Millions of them delivered in Point Cloud files directly usable in Revit and Autocad.


A Partner & Team

We are with you the whole way! Our BIM Management team can support you and your team through the entire life of the project.


Web-based Virtual Tours

It’s like google maps for your building. Visit any room the building instantly.


Drawing & 3D Models

Delivered in Revit, CAD, and PDF.

Do you have
CAD or PDF drawings
Of your building?

Not every project needs to be scanned. We can convert your drawings into Revit models for you, using your standards, templates, and libraries.