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How do I make a copy (duplicate) of a sheet in Revit?

The answer depends on which version of Revit you are using.  If you are using Revit 2021 or earlier unfortunately there is no duplicate or copy tool.  Your only option is to create a new sheet and place views as desired.

With Revit 2022 there is a new tool with 3 options.

Duplicate Empty Sheet – This is basically the same as creating a new sheet.  A new sheet will be created using the next sheet number available using the same titleblock.  If the sheet has annotation, legends, schedules or views placed those will NOT be copied to the new sheet.

Duplicate with Sheet Detailing – This will create a new sheet and copy “sheet detailing”?  Sheet detailing includes any annotation directly added to the sheet as well as legends and schedule views.

Duplicate with Views – This option makes a copy of the sheets, and the model views placed on the sheet.   When using the tool it lets you choose from the same 3 options you have when duplicating views.  This option also copies the “sheet detailing”.