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What is the process for upgrading a Revit Project from one version of Revit to the next?

Upgrading your project can be as simple as opening the project in the newer version.  However if your project has other Revit files linked in


  1. Check to make sure that all Revit updates have been installed on both your old and new versions of Revit.
  2. Ensure that all team members for the project have the Revit version you are wanting to upgrade to.
  3. Ensure that all external consultants are on board for the upgrade.
  4. Save an archive of your project.
    1. Open the project in the current project Revit as a detached copy. Preserve worksets when prompted and save to a chosen archive location. Relinquish all elements and sync and close.


You do not need to upgrade incrementally; however we recommend doing so to reduce changes of corruptions even though it takes longer.

  1. Open your current Revit Project in your current Revit version and unload all Revit links.
    1. NOTE: This helps with time for the upgrade. (Be sure to unload and not remove.)
  2. Sync and close.
  3. Open the newer version of Revit.
  4. Open your project with the Audit and Detached buttons checked.
    1. Preserve worksets when prompted.

NOTE: This may take some time. You may receive warnings upon opening. It is wise to export those warnings to have a record in case elements are deleted.

  1. Save the file with a new name at your project folder location.
    1. We recommend incorporating the Revit version into the file name. (i.e..  ‘File Name-R21’)
  2. Relinquish all worksets before you close out.
    1. Collaborate Tab > Relinquish All Mine
    2. Ensure user-created worksets is checked at the time of save.
  1. If the linked models have been updated, you can ‘reload from’ as some may have a different path or a different file name.
  2. Sync and close
  3. Repeat the same process for each of the linked Revit files.
  4. If jumping multiple Revit versions, repeated the process for each version.

Download PDF – KB-210113-How to upgrade your Revit Project