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How do I underlay a PDF into my Revit Project?

Revit 2021 made this very easy by adding tools for both Linking and Importing PDFs!

  • Go to the Inset Tab on the ribbon and you will see the Link PDF or the Import PDF icons.
    • Import PDF is a one-time insertion.
    • Link PDF stores the file path to the PDF, and the PDF graphics will automatically update when the revit file is opening if the PDF changes.
      • Link PDF will show as a new tab in Manage Links.

Answer For Revit 2020

Revit 2020 added a tool to allow inserting a PDF into Revit as an image.  The image can be reloaded if the PDF changes. (It will not update automatically upon re-opening the Revit file.)

  • Go to the Inset Tab and you will see the PDF icon. Browse to find the file and place into your model.
  • You can manage your PDFs via the Manage Images Icon. Insert Tab > Manage Images.

Answer For Revit 2019 and Earlier

  • Adding a PDF is not possible; however you can convert your desired PDF to an image type; (.bmp, .jpg, .png or .tiff)


  • The PDF will only be visible in one view.
  • You can move, copy, scale, and rotate a PDF much like an image file.
  • If the PDF is of a drawing such as floor plan you may need to scale it appropriately depending on if the PDF uses raster or vector data.
  • If the PDF is multi-page you can choose which page to import\link.
  • You can specify the resolution of the PDF.
  • There is an option for each PDF to “enable” snaps when the PDF contains vector data.
  • The PDF can be moved into the foreground or background.

Download PDF – KB-201224-Underlay PDF in Revit