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Are Revit and AutoCAD software compatible with Windows 11?

Yes, AutoCAD and Revit are officially compatible with Windows 11.

Here’s a couple links from the Autodesk website regarding Revit and AutoCAD compatibility.

Why Windows 11?

To be honest – I don’t find the features all that compelling.  I’m installing just to make sure Autodesk products work fine. Here’s a list of the features.

  • Snap Layouts & Snap Groups
  • Microsoft Teams Integration
  • Use Android Apps through the new Microsoft store.
  • Widgets
  • Separate Virtual Desktops
  • Improved PC Gaming

Here’s a link to Windows 11 Tips and Tricks.

Installing Windows 11 on my Computer


Windows 11 was officially released Oct. 4, 2021 and Microsoft is systematically rolling it out to users in phases.  To see if the update is available for your computer go to your Window Updates page.   (Start menu and type in update.)

It wasn’t available on my updates page so after a little research I found you can use the “Windows 11 Installation Assistant” to install now.

PC Health Check

As you see in the screen capture above, you can run the PC Health check for details about Windows 11 Compatibility.   The screen capture above is from an older computer.  The screen cap below was from the computer I upgraded.


My installation was easy.  Click “Download Now” from webpage and then run the installer.  My installation took about 1 hour (but I do have a gigabit internet connection and pretty speed computer.)

First Impressions

I like it.  Windows 11 looks nice.  The start menu is moved to the center of the screen.   Windows Explorer looks nice.  The spacing make everything more readable.   The new colorful icons are nice.  The right click menu is simplified, but some of the options I used regularly like for Dropbox now require an extra click using “Show more options” to access.  I’ll have to see if I can fix that.

The new option to re-arrange windows (snap layouts) are great!  That’s my favorite features so far.  I did notice however that they don’t work in all apps.  (Revit, Bluebeam).  Also on my extra wide monitor there were additional options not available on my laptop screen.

What about other Software?

I also checked the following software I use.  Even though not all are “officially” compatible, they seem to be working fine.

Summary \ Closing thoughts

I don’t see many compelling features in Windows 11, but if you want to upgrade it looks like all the software I use with Windows 10 works fine in Windows 11.  I’m recommending to my team and clients that we wait until the next release of Autodesk products in March\April timeframe before considering moving.   This will give software companies more time to complete their testing and issue updates to ensure compatibility.

Here’s a link to this article in PDF format. KB-220103-Windows 11 Upgrade