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When I create a new local file from my Revit Central File, I get a message asking if I want to ‘Overwrite Existing Copy’ or ‘Append Timestamp to Existing Copy’. Which should I use?

It’s your choice! This option gives you the opportunity to make additional backup copies of your project. Most people we work with have another backup mechanism in place so making additional copies may not be necessary. The “Overwrite exiting copy” option is the most commonly used option. If you want an additional back up of your file use the “Append timestamp…” option.


‘Overwrite Existing Copy’ will save over your previous local file.


‘Append Timestamp to Existing Copy’ will not overwrite your existing local copy. It will save a new local file with a date and time in the name of the local copy. It will not remove the older local copy. The location of this file is the same as your previous local file.


• Choosing ‘Append timestamp to existing copy’ will fill up your computer hard drive with extra copies of the same model. If you run out of hard drive space this will slow down your computer.

Download PDF – KB-210107-Local Copy Name timestamp or overwrite