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Help. My Revit Families are Missing. How do I get them back?

Starting with Revit 2021, Autodesk decided NOT to install all the Revit families on your local computer. Crazy. I know. See screen capture below.

The good news is the families are still available! You can download the families here.

Revit 2022 Content
Revit 2021 Content

Once you’ve downloaded the families you can copy to the default location which is:

C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RVT 202#\Libraries\English-Imperial

NEW COMMAND! – Autodesk also introduced a new command called “Load Autodesk Family”. This gives you access to all the same families and allows you to insert them into your project.

This command has a nice new interface and downloads the families from one of Autodesk servers. I guess this will allow Autodesk to make new content available immediately for everyone. (I just hope they do that and let us know when new content is available.)

I like the new interface. I think it would be nice if we could customize it to make our “custom” content available there as well. It doesn’t look like it is possible. I looked at the revit.ini file and did a quick search of the windows registry to see if there is a path we could change but came up empty.

Here’s a link to the Autodesk knowledge base about missing content.

Download this article here! KB-210830-Wheres my Family