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How can I better control placement when “dragging” Revit model elements?

When dragging most model elements, you can reposition the object anywhere you like.  Holding down the shift key while dragging can constrain the element to move only in one direction, or to remove the constraint so you can freely place it.

Some Examples:

  • Windows: Hold the shift key while dragging, and the window will lock into its horizontal position and maintain the sill height.
  • Level Lines: Holding the shift key while dragging a level will allow you to only move it vertically.
  • Column Grid Lines: Holding the shift key will lock the grid to move orthogonally only.
  • Walls: Walls joined to other walls will remain connected when dragged. Use the shift key allow you to change the length of the wall when dragging.
  • Doors: by default, doors can only be moved along wall, but using the shift key will allow you to move it vertically.


  • When dragging model elements that are hosted by another, the element will stay within the host. To move it to another host, use the “rehost” option.
  • To disable unintentional dragging of objects disable “Drag Elements on Selection” (aka “Press and Drag”)

Download PDF – KB-201211-Dragging Revit Elements