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How do I split a Revit schedule across multiple sheets?

Have you ever wanted to place a portion of a door or window schedule on multiple sheets? Previously, to do this, you had to make a duplicate schedule and set up some sort of filtering for each to limit the information displayed.

With Revit 2022.1 there is now an easy way to split your schedules across multiple sheets! Here’s how.

1) Start by opening the Schedule View and click on “Split & Place”. Unfortunately, you can’t split the schedule across multiple sheets, while on the sheet.

2) Choose which sheets you want to display the schedule.

3) Place the schedule on the first sheet. This establishes the initial location on the other sheets, but you can just switch to those sheets and adjust the position as desired.

4) Drag the grip on the schedule to control how many rows of the schedule are displayed on each sheet.

For an in-depth video, Click Here.

Again, note that this feature was added with Revit Version 2022.1, so be sure to update to that version for this feature.