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Is there a way to automatically package and transmit a Revit model and its links to send to a consultant?

Yes, there is!  Use eTransmit. In a single step, eTransmit can also purge unused items and remove views to reduce model size.


  • Close all open projects! You cannot e-transmit your open project.
  • Navigate to the Add-Ins menu and find “Transmit a model”
    • You may need to hide the “Recent Files” page to display Revit’s menus
  • Select the file to transmit
  • Select a folder to save the package
  • Choose from various options
  • Click Transmit Model when done.


  • eTransmit is built into Revit 2019 and later versions.
  • It may take a few minutes for eTransmit to complete.

Download PDF – KB-201206-Transmit Revit Files