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What is the best way to copy elements from one level to another in Revit and maintain a consistent XY location?

Step 1 – copy items to the clipboard

  • Select the objects you want to copy.
  • Use the copy to clipboard icon or windows shortcut CTRL+C

Step 2 – Paste  – Choose from 5 options

  • Paste from Clipboard (Same as CTRL + V)
    • Switch to the view you want to paste to first.
    • Watch out for the “constrain” option on the options bar will limit positioning copies horizontally or vertically when checked. When copying elements to another location on the same level you are better off using the standard copy command.
    • This does NOT provide precise positioning control. The origin of the selected objects is the lower left corner of a bounding box that would surround all objects.
  • Aligned to Selected Levels
    • Allows you to copy elements to the same XY location on other levels.Be sure to select model geometry only. If your selected objects contain view specific annotations or drafting, this option will no be available.
    • You are prompted with a list showing all level names. You can select more than one level
    • You do not have to switch to a different view first.
  • Aligned to Selected Views
    • Allows you to copy elements to the same XY location in other views.
    • Use this option when the selected items contain “view specific” items such as dimensions, text, or other drafted items.
    • You will be prompted with a list of views you can paste to. You can select more than one view.
  • Aligned to Current View
    • Same as aligned to selected views except you switch to the view you want to paste to first.
    • This will paste the elements to the same XY location on that level.
  • Aligned to Same Place
    • This is useful for pasting between worksets or design options or between files with same shared coordinates.
    • If you paste on top of original items, you will get a warning about identical instances in the same place.
  • Aligned to Picked Level
    • This is intended to allow you to copy items from an elevation or section view. This will allow you to choose the level line graphic to paste items to the same XY location on that level.
    • The level needs to be picked from a section, elevation or 3D view.


  • Copies maintain the exact same dimensions as originals, (X,Y, and Z). Heights do not adjust for varying level heights.
  • Once you find an option you prefer or use regularly, you could map a keyboard shortcut for faster results.

Download PDF – KB-201205-Copy from one Level to Another