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What are the best ways to review Revit Warnings?

Scrolling through the list of warning in the dialog box can sometimes be a little tedious, especially if there are lots of warnings!

Exporting the list of warnings to an *html makes it easier to view, and shared! This list will include the Revit ID which helps in locating the warning.

3rd Party Add-Ins

There are many 3rd party add-ins for the Revit platform that help with warning tracking and managing warning. Some are free to download while others have a cost.

To view available add-ins please view the AutoDesk app store:

A few add-ins we like for warnings.

  • Ideate Explorer
  • Kiwi Codes
  • BIM One / Case Tools
  • Unifi
  • CCTools

Download PDF – KB-201217-Review Revit Warnings