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How Do I Rotate a Room Tag in Revit?

Have you ever tried to rotate a tag in Revit? How’d that work out for you? It may not has been as easy as you thought as in Revit 2021 and earlier the rotate command DOES NOT work on tags.

Prior to Revit 2022 the there were 3 options for rotating tags. Vertically, Horizontally or Model. (See screen capture below.) If you switched the orientation option to “model” and then tap the space bar, the tag will cycle through various rotation options to be perpendicular or parallel to nearby walls.

With Revit 2022 Autodesk has added an “Angle” parameter to tags. (See screen capture below.) This makes the whole process much simpler. Just select your tag(s) and type in the angle. If you prefer you can now use the rotate command, or if you set the orientation to model, you can also just tap the space bar and the tag will cycle through the rotation options.