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Here's an idea. Let your Architects be Architects!   Let you Engineers be Engineers!  With a myBIMteam Membership we'll make Revit easy for you, so you can focus on your project.  Doesn't that sound nice?


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Let's keep it Simple. 
Monthly memberships. 
Unused hours roll over & don't expire.


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Our team of Architecture & Engineering BIM Managers are ready to help.  Schedule time or reach out as needed.


easy & cost effective

Great rates. 
Consistent monthly budgeting.  Upgrade or Downgrade any time.

Other Products & Services

We're a full-service CAD\BIM\Revit Consulting firm offering services to Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Facilities Managers. Memberships are a convenient and cost-effective way to access our team of experts, but not the only way. We offer the following products and services.


Revit Family libraries

Stop wasting time scouring the web for content.  Our Revit Family libraries have just the right amount of detail & flexibility so they are easy to use with the graphics you need...and at prices where it would be silly to build them yourself.

Browse Free and Premium Revit Families
Revit Starter Standards & Template


Consistency, Quality, Productivity.   That's why you need to capture & automate your standards.  A ton of work...we know...but don't panic. We've done all the leg work for you. With our starter standards document and Revit template all you have to do is choose from the options we've provided.  You'll be up and running in no time!

Explore Revit Standards & Templates

Revit Training

Learning Revit is not just about picks and clicks. Our real world experience as Architects\BIM Managers & Educators has allowed us to design classes based on real world examples so you learn how to apply the tools to get the results you want.

View Upcoming Classes 

Laser Scanning & Modeling

Are you really out there with a measuring tape and clipboard?  You know there's a better way, right?  It's Laser Scanning! 
Our team laser scans buildings, inside or out, and builds a highly accurate point cloud. We can deliver the point cloud,
or build a 3D Revit model for you to your standards.
(Ask us about our new MOBILE MAPPING scanner!)

Explore Laser Scanning & Modeling

Revit Knowledge Base

We get questions all the time so we post our answers here.  Join myBIMteam to see the answers, post questions, as well as subscribe to our newsletter to get those answers, helpful tips and to stay up to date on all things Revit.

View the Knowledge Base
BIM Project Optimization

Project Health Checks & OptimiZation

How do you prevent Revit from crashing?  How do you keep Revit running smoothly?  With a little routine maintenance and Revit Health Checks.  Our Health checks look at over 60 different aspects of your files to identify potential issues before they become problems.

Request a Health Check

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