Helping Architects & Building Owners Increase Productivity & Efficiency with BIM & Reality Capture Technologies



No long-term

Our team of BIM Managers & Reality Capture Experts will…

  • Make your CAD, BIM, and Revit problems disappear.
  • Bring staff up to speed with the latest software and technology.
  • Alleviate staff frustrations.
  • Ensure projects are completed on-time.
  • Prevent project crashes.
  • Enhance productivity, consistency, and quality across the board.
  • Make sure your digital building information is up-to-date, accurate, and accessible.
Bim Team

We’re invested in your project’s success.

If you encounter any roadblocks, we’ll dedicate additional resources to ensure your project stays on track.


BIM Support
& Management

  • Full service BIM and Revit support.
  • BIM managers and technicians at your disposal.
  • Training, Project Support, Family Building, Templates, and more.

Revit Training

  • Live Online Classroom Training.
  • Custom Training – Project Based and Role Based.

Reality Capture & Laser Scanning

  • It’s like Google Maps and Street View for your buildings, with measurements.
  • We’ll update all your plans, whether in BIM, CAD, or PDF form and keep the information current.
  • Mobile laser scanning allows us to take half a million points taken every second, completing buildings scans in hours.

Revit & As-Built Modeling

  • From your scans, CAD, PDF, or Sketchup files we will build your Revit Model.
  • We use your Revit Templates, Families, Standards, & Best Practices.
  • Usable As-Built Models, best fit to architectural standards with only the detail you need.

Digital Twins & Facilities Management

  • Real-time building information accessible to all stakeholders.
  • Tracking spaces and assets
  • Connected to Operations and Maintenance.


We don’t just provide solutions; we empower you with valuable free resources.

How to Bring a Point Cloud into Revit.

Can I fix multiple "Room Tag is Outside its Room" warnings?

How do I add/use a shared parameter in my Revit Project file?

 & Resources

Revit Standards

Revit Standards & Templates

  • Standards, templates, and family libraries are key to productivity and consistency.
  • Ready to use Starter Templates, Standards and Libraries can be customized as your own.
Revit Families

Free and Paid Revit Families

  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Right amount of detail
  • Cost-effective
Why Choose myBIMteam?

Let your Architects be Architects! With myBIMteam, we’ll make Building Information easy so that you can focus on your projects.

Service Options

  • Monthly BIM Support and Management Memberships
  • Laser Scanning
  • Revit Training Classes
  • Revit Modeling
  • Digital Twins
  • Revit Family Libraries

Easy & Cost Effective

  • Great Rates
  • Monthly Budgeting
  • Upgrade or Downgrade

Direct Access to

  • Dedicated BIM Manager assigned to your team
  • Consistent scheduling
  • Extended support team available as needed