Premium Revit Architecture Family Libraries

Built by Expert Architects for Architects

Our Revit Family Libraries, expertly crafted for architects, offer the right amount of detail, making them simple to use and flexible enough to adjust to your graphic standards—a quick and cost-effective solution for your Revit content needs.

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Includes a Revit family from each library.

You spend roughly $6250 per project searching for or building Revit families.

Instead, save thousands of dollars with our premium Revit families!

Revit’s productivity hinges on having the right building components (Revit Families) readily available. Architects often underestimate the time and effort wasted searching for or creating mediocre content, only to repeat the process on every project.

We’ve estimated that, on average, most projects involve searching for or building 50+ families, spending 1 hour each time. That’s 50 hours per project!

Consider at a rate of $125\hour or $6250 per project. Then, let’s say your office does 10 projects per year… that’s $62,500 you spent just this year searching for and building families.

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Premium Revit Families

Get an idea with this video overview of our door library. 

$20K Value,

Yours for $799!

Creating quality Revit content is an advanced skill. Most Revit users are only capable of building the simplest Revit families. To get an idea of what is involved, watch this video overview of our door library. Our doors have all the features your team is looking for while still being easy to use.

Our BIM Experts/Architects spent over 120 hours (yes, 3 weeks) planning and developing this door family. If we had to charge by the hour, it would be in the range of $15-20,000 dollars.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend weeks to build it. Our door library is ready now. Download it and become productive today. And you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars! Let’s break this down: if we priced our door library at $5,000, a third of what it would cost for you to do it yourself and pay for itself on the first project. Then, $2,500 would be a bargain, and $1,500 a steal.

But we’ve priced all our libraries at less than 5% of their development costs!

Better yet, save even more when you bundle libraries together. Get a 100% payback on your investment with our entire library packs!

And they are guaranteed to work! If the families don’t have all the features or work as described, you can keep the library and get a full refund.

Plus, test it out for free. Download our sample pack with a Revit family from each library.

Stop the endless search and spending.

Boost your productivity today!

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