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When modifying lines or walls in Revit, how do I trim/extend multiple items at once?

There are two variations of the trim / extend command in Revit.  One is a single trim/extend and the other allows you to trim or extend multiple items.  These can be found under the tab Modify. See screen capture.


  • Select the trim \ extend multiple command.
  • Select the item to trim or extend to.
  • Select the items to be trimmed or extended.

You can select items to be trimmed or extended one at a time or with a crossing window. (For those of you coming from Autocad there is no Crossing polygon or Fence option.)



The keyboard shortcut for single trim \ extend is TE.   There is no keyboard shortcut assigned to trim \ extend multiple elements by default.  You can create your own shortcut by typing in KS on the keyboard.   We typically use TM or that shortcut.


Download PDF – KB-210104-Trim Extend Multiple