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Can I display column grids in 3D Views in Revit?

The answer depends on which version of Revit you are using.

Prior to Revit 2022 there was no option to display Column Grids in 3D views. In Revit 2022, when you are in a 3D view, there is a new option in the properties palette called “Show Grids”. When you select the edit button you can choose which level (or levels) the grids will be displayed on. Personally, I think displaying grids on more than one level makes the view look confusing…but you can show as many as you like. Note if your column grids don’t intersect with a level lines, they won’t show on that level.

You can manipulate the grids in the 3D view just like in a plan view. Move, copy, rotate, resize or adjust visibility\graphics settings.


If you apply a section box, the grids and levels are cut by the section box. Within the “Show Grids” dialog, there is an option to “Project Grids on Section Box”. This projects the grids on to the bottom of the section box so that they are always at the bottom of the sectioned view. The Section Box must be set to visible in that view for the option to be available.


A couple things that seem to be missing or not working as I hoped\expected….

I noticed when I switch the view from “Orthographic” to “Perspective” the grid bubbles and level labels disappeared, and the lines no longer showed as dashed, so it really doesn’t work there.

I did not find any option to show the grid vertically.

I also noticed this show grids feature is NOT captured in view templates so you’ll need to adjust each view manually…maybe next version.