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Should I remove or unload Revit links?

There are two options available on the manage links dialog which will allow you to prevent a linked Revit file from displaying.  By choosing either Unload or Remove, the link will no longer be visible in ANY view of your project.

When you “unload” the link, a reference to the link is maintained in the project allowing you to reload at any time.  When you reload the link, it will reappear exactly as it was before.  The link will maintain the same position as well as any overrides you applied previously.

If you “remove” the link, ALL references to the link are removed.  You can no longer reload.  You’ll need to insert the link as if it was the first time and make any required adjustments to the position of the link.  This behavior applies to all types of links including CAD links, Revit links and point clouds.

Download PDF – KB-210115-Revit Links Remove or Unload