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How do I create and apply View Templates in Revit?

Yes!  The answer is creating a View Template and then applying it to the other Views.  Here’s how.

  • Open the view that you’ve configured with all your desired view settings.
  • In the View Tab of the Ribbon select View Templates > Create Template from Current View.
  • Give the View Template a name
  • Select which Parameters to include in the View Template and click OK.

Apply View Template

There are 2 ways to apply the template to other views.

  • If you want to temporarily apply the view template settings to another view, from the project browser right click over the view name and choose “Apply Template Properties”. You will be able to override the view settings as desired.
  • If you want to “Lock” the view template to the view, open the view and from the properties palette select the View Template. From this point forward the view properties will be controlled by the View Template you just applied.  Changing the view template will update all the views to which the template is associated.

For instructions on creating and applying view templates, see KB-220201-Creating and Applying View Templates