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How do I change the height value for my Revit level line?

The floor height value shown on your Revit level line graphic is NOT just simple text.  The number is the position \ height of the level in 3D space.  If you use the move command and adjust the level line up or down, it will change the height that is displayed. You can also click on the level line and change its “elevation” parameter which will reposition after typing in a value.

The height indicated can be relative to one of two origin points in Revit.  The ‘Project Base Point’ or ‘Survey Point’.  To change which origin point the level line is associated with:

  • Select your Level and choose “Edit Type”.
  • Change the setting for ‘Elevation Base’ to desired setting.

This change will affect all level lines in your project.  If desired, you can create duplicate level “types” and create one option for each elevation base, thereby allowing you to reference either base in the same project.

Download PDF – KB-210117-Level Elevation Value