Revit 2020: New Feature – Egress Path of Travel

Revit has a new Analysis tool that helps Architects calculate the travel distance for Egress. This tool (on the Analyze Tab of the ribbon) quickly finds the paths between from Point A to Point B that you choose on your plans. After clicking the tool simply choose your start and end points and the software will find the shortest path, while observing the Route Analysis settings. The system ignores hidden, deleted and underlay items, plus any categories you want it to ignore. (Such as furniture.)
You can create custom line styles as desired. If the floor plan changes (such as a door moves) you can also run the “update” function to adjust the path. There is also a “time” calculation associated with the length of the path to show how long it would take to travel along that path. All this information can be displayed in a schedule. (Lines Category.) The appearance of the travel lines can be overridden by filters, so if you want to automatically highlight all travel paths that exceed a specified dimension, you can set a filter for that.
So, while this is a good start there are a few shortcomings in the tool we’d like to see addressed. If you want to adjust the start or end points…well sorry. You can’t. You’ll have to erase and start over. We’d also like the ability to constrain the start\end points to other Revit Geometry. You also can’t change the start or end arrowheads. It also looks like the tool could work with the “To and From” room properties but that doesn’t appear to be implemented yet. It also looks like the tools uses a default speed of 3.0 mph and I’m sure someone will want to change that. So hopefully we will see some of these items in a future update or release.
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