Ryan Kowalczyk Promoted to BIM Manager

myCADD (now myBIMteam) announces the promotion of Ryan Kowalczyk to BIM Manager.

Ryan is a registered Architect who joined myCADD in 2018. Ryan is a Revit expert who enjoys training and solving those complex software problems. As BIM Manager Ryan will help Design firms develop their Revit Standards, build and manage Revit Family Libraries. Ryan will also provide Revit training and help firms setup and monitor Revit projects to ensure they run without issue and meet deliverable requirements.

Seamlessly Integrate Point Clouds into Revit

Seamlessly Integrate Point Clouds into Revit

This comprehensive video guide covers the intricacies of bringing a point cloud into Revit. In this video, we take you through essential steps, including initiating your project, setting up views, and optimizing graphics and view range. Also, learn valuable tips, such...