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3D Laser Scanning + Revit Modeling Services

Go beyond the competition with a highly accurate interior or exterior laser scan delivered via point cloud or 3D Revit Model.

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From your scans, CAD, PDF, or Sketchup files, we will build your Revit model using your...




Best Practices

When built correctly, Revit models allow users to...

CONTROL the building design because Revit is based on parametric modeling.

UPDATE a single change throughout the model, decreasing re-work to find the same change in multiple plans and views.

COLLABORATE with the entire team, resulting in increased proficiency, efficiency, and decreased project costs.

How it Works

1. Kickoff & Organize

  • Send us your Hand sketches, CAD files, laser scans, PDFs, and Sketchup models
  • Send us your template and standards
  • Let’s clearly define what needs to be modeled
  • Let’s discuss modeling best practices.
  • OPTIONAL - Utilize the latest Laser Scanning and Reality Capture tools to gather missing interior and exterior data.

2. Review Progress

  • We’ll get started on the model and deliver progress models for your review to ensure we’re on target for success.
  • During the early stages, we know not all design details are worked out, so we’ll deliver progress models and questions. You then review and make corrections, and we’ll move forward building the Revit model.

3. Deliver You Model

  • Your Revit model will be built with your templates, and libraries, and using your standards.
  • OPTIONAL - We can also provide plans, point clouds, 360° views, and dimensions.
  • Instantly accessible for your entire team in industry-leading Digital Twin Platforms.

Additional Benefits

Are your drawings current, accurate & accessible?

Most building owners struggle to keep plans up-to-date, but our Revit modeling services include;

UPDATING Master drawings and models

COLLECTING a then reviewing and approving As Builts.

DEVELOPING CAB/BIM standards and deliverable requirements.

ORGANIZING CAD/BIM file library.

PROVIDING access to CAD/BIM libraries.

FIELD VERIFYING projects with laser scanning.

It doesn’t matter if it’s CAD or Revit, a single project or ongoing needs...

Our team can be your team!


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