myCADD Remote Support – 10 Hour Block


Do you need Revit Help? General Questions,  Technical Troubleshooting, Custom Families, Template Updates, Project Health Checks, Project Harvesting?  With a myCADD Remote Support block anyone in your Company can reach out to us as needed for help, and you get a discount on your support rates.  Additional Discounts are available with our monthly Remote Services Packages.

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Save 10%


Do you have Revit Questions or Technical issues?  Do you need custom Revit families ?  Need some template updates?  How about harvesting all those families from a recently completed project and adding to your library?   Or do you just need some live 1 on 1 Revit Training, now. Whatever your needs, our support team is available!

How it Works

Just purchase the support block and reach out to us via phone, email or website.   We’ll connect with you and help you along.

How much time do we get?

That depends on the task.  We have 3 levels of staff, from BIM technician, Support Specialist and  BIM Manager.  Current rates are $75\$110\$130 respectively.  Simple tasks will be handled by our techs so you can leverage their lower rates and get more hours.  Time is tracked in 15-minute increments.  We’ll send statements each month showing you what was worked on, and how much time remains. Note: myCADD Remote Support hours must be used within 12 months of the purchase date.