myBIMteam Testing 4-Day Work Week!

What can we do to improve quality of life?  Well,  how about working less and having more free time?   Starting Nov. 1, 2021 we are experimenting with a 4-Day work week (36-hour).   Each team member can choose from four 9-hour days, four 8-hour days + one 4-hour, or nine 8-hour work days over 2 weeks.   If the test goes well, we’ll look at making it permanent.

What does this mean for our clients?

We recognize that most of our clients are following a traditional 5-Day work week.  Our team will still be available every day of the work week.   We’ll stagger our schedules to make this happen.  Each of our team members will include their schedule in their email signature so you know days\times they are available.   To ensure your requests are addressed as quickly as possible the best way to reach us is by email at or by calling 855-469-2233 and choosing option for support.

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