Revit Starter Standards & Templates

The 3 keys to revit productivity and consistency are
standards, templates, & family Libraries.

Your Custom Revit Standards & Template in 2 Days!

Save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours and get your Revit Template and Standards in place in 2 Days!  We built our Template and Standards documents with all the options!  All you have to do is pick the options you want, remove the others, and fill in some blanks.   Presto... 2 Days ....  your Revit Template and Standards are done!

Table of Contents

Sample Graphics

Purchase Now: $5,995

Whats Included

Our Starter Standards Document contains over 60 pages outlining all the key decisions and procedures related to using Revit effectively.  You'll simply need to fill in the blanks and pick and choose from the various options provided. 

Our Revit Starter Template was built alongside the standards document with matching content.  It also contains multiple variations of graphics so we simply need to choose the preferred option and remove the others. 

With our starter documents we estimate it'll take about 2 days to finalize, so we've included a one month BIM Management 15 membership with the package.  For many this is enough time to make the final tweaks to your template and document.  Should you want or need more time you can upgrade or extend the membership.

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Standards = Consistency & Quality

  • Are you happy with the graphic output from Revit? 
  • Are all your projects consistent?   
  • Is it easy for your team to jump from one project to another?

If your answer to any of these questions is no, then you need to take a look at your standards.  Better some time and look at our Starter Standards.

Template = Productivity 

Your template establishes the following.

  • Graphic standards - Line Weights, Symbols, Text, Dimensions
  • Titlebock, Sheets, Legends, Schedules
  • Modeling components - Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Roofs, etc.

Let your staff focus on the design, instead of the drafting.

When you have a template & standards in place, EVERY person saves times on EVERY job.