Need Accurate Plans of your

3D Laser Scanning \Mobile Mapping is Fast, Accurate, and Cost Effective! 

3D Laser Scanning + Revit Modeling Services

Go beyond the competition with a highly accurate interior or exterior laser scan delivered via point cloud or 3D Revit Model.

Do you need accurate plans of your building? Our team can laser scan your building, inside or out, build a highly accurate point cloud, and deliver a 3D Revit model, built from your Revit template and using your standards.

We offer 2 types of Scanning.  The first option is "Mobile Mapping" or "SLAM" which is the fastest and most cost effective way to measure space.  The second option is traditional "stationary" laser scanning from our tripod mounted scanners.  This is the best option for small details.

 360 Panorama Images and Measurements in your Browser!

All point clouds include 360 degree Panorama Images which you can view in any web browser.   All panoramas from Mobile Mapping are color and for stationary scanning you can choose from greyscale or color.

The EXACT level of detail you need.  Each project starts by clearly defining the scope of work and project goals.  What areas of the building do you need scanned? What building geometry do you need to capture? What will be included in the Revit model? How detailed each building element will be?

Revit Models Built Your Way - We also discuss Revit best practices including file organization and modeling strategies and build the model with your Revit templates and families.  Our process ensures quick turnaround, the lowest cost, and that your model will be immediately usable! 

Convert CAD or PDF to Revit?

Not every project needs to be scanned.  Do you have good CAD of PDF drawings of the building?  We can convert those into Revit models for you, again using your standards, templates and libraries.

Point Cloud Images from Recent Projects


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