3 Secrets to Better Laser Scanning Deliverables

Do you need better and more accurate plans for renovations or space planning? Laser scanning quickly captures all measurements and delivers them in easy-to-use web-based virtual tours. It’s like google earth for your building. At myBIMteam, we don’t just give you the scans; we prepare them, so they are presentable to your clients. We also build Revit models based on your standards. Want to know more; here are our 3 secrets to better laser scanning deliverables.

1. Scanning technology is changing fast, and myBIMteam is consistently researching and investing in the latest and greatest tools to support our partners. We use conventional, stationary tripods, such as Trimble Geospatial X7 when intricate details are a priority. However, if time is of the essence, we also offer Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) with the NavVis VLX. This wearable device allows our team to walk through a space, build a map, and gather measurements quickly.

After the laser scanning is complete and processed, typically in a few days, the inherent deliverables are the Point Cloud and the NavVis Ivion panoramic walkthroughs. This data accurately represents the building space and includes all the measurements. Additionally, this information is available to the whole team, who can present it to the end users.

2. We are BIM experts and can develop floor plans, CAD, 3D models, and virtual walkthroughs. In fact, this is why we got into laser scanning. Clients would ask us if we knew reliable laser scanners because they were unhappy with the Revit models they received from other scanners. Well, now, myBIMteam is your superior laser scanning partner in addition to being your BIM experts. We utilize the information from the laser scans and build Revit models from your templates, using your standards. Then, we discuss best practices to ensure the models you receive are instantly useable.

Do you need resources to promote a building? We assist with that too. We are FAA certified and use DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone to capture photos and videos of your building from the sky.

3. We are BIM consultants serving the entire project lifecycle from conception to completion. Most scanning companies hand off their documents and disappear. Not us. myBIMteam will help Architects, Contractors, and Building Owners through all phases of a project. When it is complete, we offer services to manage as-builts and keep plans up to date too.

In short, myBIMteam provides better laser scanning deliverables because we proactively integrate new laser scanning technology and software to produce the best products. We are BIM experts and process and organize the data collected to create floor plans, CAD, 3D Revit models, and virtual walkthroughs. Finally, we are BIM consultants that understand and can assist in all phases of a project, including keeping information current.

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